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Intro To Overlocker

Don't overlook your overlocker!

Your tutor - Rebecca

Have you ever looked at the clothes in the shop and wondered how they neaten their seam allowances so nicely? That's the overlock stitch and you too can create this professional finish on your sewing with an overlocker machine.

Maybe you already have an overlocker, but at Sew & Tell you don't have to have invested in one before you start our course - why not just come along and see if one of these machines is right for you? If you decide that you can't live without one now that you've tried it, you can purchase one through us and take it home with you from the course. You'll be automatically registered with a machine dealer which is so much better than buying one off the internet.

On the Intro to Overlocker course you will learn how to...

We use Pfaff overlocker machines which are renowned for their stitch quality and German engineering. We have found them to be truly solid and reliable machines.

Intro to Overlocker is a course that is full of information and new experiences. We offer this as a one-day course. It will give you time to consider whether this machine is the one for you; we're confident that it will be and that the overlocker will transform your sewing.

Intro to Overlocker is only £65

Intro to Overlocker

Sun 10th Feb 2019
10am - 3.30pm
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